General Membership Responsibilities:

The IMC rehearses Wednesday nights from 7-10pm at Roberts Park United Methodist Church. The rehearsal schedule generally follows a typical academic calendar, breaking for the winter holidays and summer vacation. While we hope to have you at every rehearsal and performance, we understand that you will have various professional and personal obligations throughout the year. The IMC is happy to work with your schedule to be as flexible as possible!

The performance schedule varies from year to year, but consists of two main-stage performances at Marian University Theater: a winter holiday show and a spring concert. The group also performs at various community and philanthropic events throughout the year. While performances and rehearsals may be added throughout the year, the current performance schedule for the 2017-2018 season is below. A full rehearsal schedule will be distributed at the first rehearsal of the fall semester.

Remaining for 2018: 

April 27th & 28th,2018                    Hoosier Hoedown

June 9th, 2018                                    Pride 2018 events

Financial Responsibility:

First and foremost, finances should never hinder a singer from joining the IMC! The chorus is happy to offer financial assistance and payment plans to alleviate any financial burden. The following are expenses related to membership in the chorus:

•              $100       Yearly dues

•              $20         Music Deposit- returned at the end of the performance season.

•              $17         One-time IMC Polo Fee

Wardrobe requirements:

The IMC prides itself on maintaining a professional appearance at formal events. We want to help you look your best on stage! Members will be responsible for providing their own formalwear including a full black tuxedo, white tuxedo jacket, tuxedo shirt, cufflinks, studs, and patent leather shoes. Further information will be disbursed early in the season to allow members time to gather their uniforms. Our staff will take your measurements, provide you with a detailed list of tuxedo requirements, and set-up an online store with UniformalWarehouse.com to assist you in purchasing any formalwear you need.