As part of a new initiative to inspire a more diverse range of feelings at its performances, the Indianapolis Men's Chorus will introduce a number of emotion-inducing props at its annual spring concert, scheduled for April 15 and 16 at the Marian University Theater.

The concert, titled Jeronimo!, showcases the hits of three Broadway legends: Jerome Robbins, Jerome Kern and Jerry Herman. It features songs from Hello, Dolly!On the TownLa Cage aux Folles, and more. Claire Wilcher and Anne Beck, stars of the Indianapolis stage, will join the IMC as special guests. Also included in the concert will be a pit of live snakes, pug puppies, glitter bombs and that piece of spinach you just can't pick out of your teeth.

"We wanted to make this next concert an experience that deeply impacts our patrons," says IMC Artistic Director Greg Sanders. "When the men sing something frightful, I don't want you to just be a little scared—I want you to feel that fear at a much deeper level. So we'll throw some snakes into the audience. If you don't scream, sweat and shake in our concert, I haven't done my job."

But given the broad range of music in the show, Sanders wants to elicit more than just fear in the hearts of concert-goers. "During upbeat songs such as 'Everything's Coming Up Roses,'" Sanders said, "We'll bring pug puppies onstage to heighten feelings of joy. Then during 'Ol' Man River' we'll flash pictures of Mike Pence on a large screen to evoke feelings of despondency. All of this should really add to the experience." 

Audience members are encouraged to wear protective clothing (preferably water-proof) and are discouraged from wearing open-toed shoes.

April Fools.

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