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We’re thrilled to kick off our 30th year of exciting performances!

Join us for the first show of the 2019-2020 season, Journey to Hell, at Indy Fringe from August 17-25.

We look forward to seeing you there - and watch for more information about future shows, coming soon!


Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

Fresh on the heels of Queen Day at last year’s Indy Fringe, the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus is back from August 17-25 at this year’s festival with some devilish rock and roll. Journey to Hell is a theatrical celebration of music by two legendary bands: Journey and Styx. 

As we travel the infamous river in Hades and make our way through the various circles of Hell, Lucifer also appears in music by AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and even some Book of Mormon.

Beelezebub has a devil put aside for YOU - so get your tickets today and rock on with us!


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